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Manuhe Manuhor Babe (Human for Humanity) is an effort to bring out stories that builds the bond of humanity stronger, gives people hope to believe in it and an opportunity to build a better Assam. In an increasingly digital world, it is our humble initiative to take our stories from every nook and corner of Assam that deserve to be told to a larger audience both nationally and globally. Crafted in a modern and simple way, these stories weave together what people of Assam have long championed; i.e. our multi-cultural and unity-amidst-diversity existence. We talk about our history, our present and our future in all aspects of our lives; i.e. cultural, economical, political and social. We sincerely hope that these stories will not only inspire but also one of you readers, to do something with a positive impact for your own society and also talk about beautiful Assam.

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