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108 - A universal call:

It is not like there is a lack of facility in Assam, but that there is certainly a lack of means to utilise the available means.

VK-EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute), which manages the 102 and 108 ambulance services in the state, have merged their 102 and 108 services.

Now, the residents only have to dial one number, 108, for all ambulance related services, informed GVK-EMRI officials on Tuesday, May 28.

Earlier, 102 ambulance service was meant for shifting a patient from a lower level hospital to a higher level treatment facility, while the 108 service was for used for emergency cases.

The officials also informed that the merger of 102 and 108 ambulances took place on April 1 and the call centres of the two services have also been merged now. They added that they have taken some steps to minimise the reponse time.

“The average response time for an emergency situation has now reduced from the earlier 20-10 minutes to 14-15 minutes in Kamrup (metro) district. For this, we conducted some counselling and training of our personnel and the merger also helped to bring all manpower together,” said an official.

This is an actual relief because people will have ease of calling for help. What do you think about this? Will execution meet the requirements of the people? Certainly a good step on part of the Government of Assam to universalise a singular number akin to 911! Tag us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook, keep following for news updates and happy news!

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