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89 and Still Kicking: The Story of Creative Entrepreneurship

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

When there is a will, there is a way, and if there is a will strong enough even age is a fragile deterrent.

89-year young and charming Latika Chakrabarty is taking the entrepreneurship game by a storm, and has proven that age is only just a number and that anyone can join the game of becoming an entrepreneur if they really want it.

Born in Assam, Latika says that being idle is the most hateful thing for her. So when her daughter in law brought her the tailoring machine, Latika was overjoyed!

This started an affair of creative flair, want for more, and a passion to always keep reinventing that led to the octogenarian now having their own online venture called: Latika’s bags, where one can find pretty and cute potlis attached with fancy drawstring available for purchase.

Her style is a blend of the vintage and new: Latika shows not the contrast, but the similarities between handwoven attires by grandparents and branded outfits that Millennials crave for today.

Wise piece of advice that Latika is found reiterating is that, “Take care of yourself and life will present you with all the beautiful gifts, which will be enough to keep yourself inspired and others motivated.”

This story has us motivated! What about you? Share this heart-warming story to generate more.

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