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A Barter for A Better Future: Footprint Reduced!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Charity begins at home, literally.

A small district in Assam is creating a sort of ripple effect that is set to change and reduce our carbon footprint on Earth.

At a time when everyone is waking up to environmental challenges; what we see is one district and a great idea and of course the will to alter the world. They are now seen to be offering a sapling and a cloth bag in exchange for a kilogram of plastic from Tuesday.

Apart from making a statement against plastic pollution, the “barter system” is expected to promote an array of cloth bags to be made exclusively by women self-help groups (SHGs) in the Bongaigaon district.

“We are launching the ‘plants for plastic’ campaign to encourage the people to collect and remove plastic from their houses, commercial establishments and educational institutions. We hope the idea catches on to enable us to open cloth bag outlets manufactured by the SHGs,” the district’s Deputy Commissioner Adil Khan.

The initiative entails depositing a kilogram of plastic at the municipality office in district headquarters Bongaigaon, about 180 km west of Guwahati, and get a cloth bag and a sapling free in return. The saplings are of species of trees that grow locally, such as gooseberry, olive, mango, jackfruit and mahogany.

“If a person does not have a place to plant the sapling at his or her own premises, the district administration will help plant it in that person’s name during mass planting,” Mr. Khan, who designed the exchange offer, said.
‘Plants for plastic’ will become a permanent offer after the inaugural event at Bongaigaon’s Gandhi Maidan, he added.

This sort of social forestry is changing the landscape, a kind of resorting to that is being heavily emphasised in the policies of the current government led by Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, also.

Mr. Khan acknowledged the role of Robinhood Army, a local volunteer organisation for spreading awareness on cleanliness, for the authorities to think of innovative schemes for a plastic-free district.

Saplings for the exchange offer are being provided by the Social Forestry wing of the State’s Forest Department.

This has us inspired and we cannot wait to see what all is stored for the future. For more news like this, follow us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.


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