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A BlockChain Future: TechSavvy Assam

With the help of the Nucleus Vision Blockchain Protocol, the Government of Assam aims to build transparent internal and public facing dApps.

The Indian state government of Assam, under the leadership of Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, aims to leverage the Nucleus Vision Blockchain Protocol to build dApps for internal government functions as well as citizen-facing applications. With this partnership, the Government of Assam will be one of the first state governments in India to employ blockchain-based applications, ushering in a culture of transparency and trust within the state.

Nucleus Vision CEO Abhishek Pitti said, “The beautiful state of Assam is home to more than 35 million people and the government’s initiative to employ blockchain apps in their governance processes will do their citizens a whole lot of good. I commend the state government of Assam on this leap forward and we look forward working with them on our journey of making India a blockchain powerhouse.”

Most Government applications require high data integrity, security and a seamless interaction with legacy systems — this demands that we take into account existing system redundancies and implement robust fallback mechanisms. With the Nucleus Vision Blockchain Protocol, the Assam government will enjoy a high level of flexibility and customization in building governance-oriented blockchain apps.

This new initiative is set to bring good governance at the core of democracy, and make sure that Assam does not lag behind others. Did you know about this tech-innovation? Share with the tag @manuhemanuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook!

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