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A Democracy Beckoning: Poll related violence drastically down!

There was a time when violence would make headlines, and be on the front of every major publication or TC channel anytime elections would be conducted in Assam. But slowly and surely, it seems as if trust on democracy and efficacy of democratic procedure has been renewed in the state! For in as recent as 2019 survey reveals that the number of poll-related violence and other such incidents came down drastically in the State, and also the number of cases of violation of model code of conduct has also come down.

According to records available with the Assam Police, 173 incidents were reported during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, which included 24 cases of intimidation, 46 cases of assaults and attacks, 53 cases of mischief, and 31 cases of violation of model code of conduct.

The number of poll related incidents increased during the 2016 State Assembly elections as 239 such cases were reported, which included 49 cases of intimidation, 89 cases of attacks and assaults, 57 cases of violation of the model code of conduct and one incident of attack on security personnel.

Compared to the two previous elections, the Lok Sabha polls this year was by and large peaceful as only 43 such incidents were reported. The number of cases of intimidation came down to only eight while, cases of assaults and attacks also came down to only 23. Similarly, the cases of violation of the model code of conduct also came down to only five.

Under the capable administration of Chief Minster Sarbananda Sonowal, and transparent all the while independent executive body's detailed security plan - chalked out well in advance in consultation with all the stakeholders, with past incidents of violence being thoroughly analyzed intensive patrolling by the security forces was deployed even in the most remote areas to ensure that no part of the State is left out of the security cover.

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