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Little Girl's letter to the CM just changed the conversation on Environment and Waste Management:

It is certainly indisputable that the youth of today, learn fast, do fast and want change for the better. A little girl from a small town of Umrangsu is an examplary of that very youthful vigour and determination for a sustainable future. Aniketa Das, a Class VII student from Umrangsu town (120 km from Haflong) in Dima Hasao had written a letter to the Chief Minister requesting for adoption of ‘Zero Waste Initiatives’. Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on May 22 wrote a letter to one Aniketa Das, student of Class VI, Umrangso PHE Colony, to thank her for her concerns for the environment and hoped that she would continue to make people around her aware about the urgent need for proper waste management.

Aniketa in her letter said, “Recently zero waste initiative has been adopted by our colony and since then there has been a drastic change in the waste management by the residents of the colony. A positive outcome is seen within the colony. But as a matter of fact if we see other parts of the town from the point of view of cleanliness, the town is in a pathetic condition. Plastic waste is in all-time high and to control it, I urge you to make zero waste approach compulsory which will help to make our present as well as our future safe.”

In her letter she also suggested few ideas to ensure zero waste like full stop to waste burning, segregation of home-based waste and disposing the biodegradable waste into an earthen pit and non- biodegradable waste into municipal dustbin.

After receiving the letter, the Chief Minister sent an appreciation letter to encourage and appreciate her. Aniketa Das is a student of Sacred Heart High School, Umrangsu and she is the daughter of Tapan Das, a IV grade employee of PHE, Umrangsu. She lives with her family in the official quarter at PHE colony in Umrangsu.

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