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A Passion to Conserve: Dulu’s Green Dream

Inspired by his dream at the age of seven, Binod ‘Dulu’ Borah’s unwavering commitment to the cause of When you turn your passion into work, you do great things for not only self-development but for a comprehensive, wholesome development of the world around you. And that’s exactly what young Binod Baruah, fondly known as ‘Dulu’ is doing.

An inspired 7 year old for the love of the wild to a youth now, who has fostered the same fascination into an unwavering commitment to the cause of wildlife conservation has given thousands of birds, animals and reptiles another chance to live.

A true champion, lover of the wildlife, he hails from Chapanalla – a village close to the Karbi foothills of Nagaon district, in Assam.

A conservationist marked by sheer determination and hardwork, Dulu has managed to rescue over 2,500 animals including 3 elephant calves, 2 leopard cubs, 3 bear cubs, 6 slow lorises, 10 Chinese pangolins, more than 20 deer, several hares, monkeys, mongoose, geckos, flying squirrel, civets, over 600 snakes including 14 King cobras, hundreds of turtles and hundreds of birds in a span of mere 3 decades. A practicing green thumb ‘Dulu’ has also planted over 25,000 trees.

The single-handed efforts of a youth like Dulu inspires a generation of youngsters to look towards a development strategy that is equitable, just and does not forget the co-habitants of our sphere.

We, at ManuheManuhorBabe hope the conservation efforts of Dulu reach far and wide.

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