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An Assured Meal: The gift of ANNA Yojana

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

A state develops when the people are developing alongwith – a strong overall growth can be assured and full potential can only be unleashed when there’s plenty to suffice one’s viserogenic needs.

The Government of Assam’s ANNA Yojana, aims at specifically that: a new Affordable Nutrition & Nourishment Assistance (ANNA) Yojana for poor people wherein, the state government is planning to provide rice, a staple, at just Rs. 1 per Kg.

ANNA Scheme will strengthen food security and will benefit around 53 lakh households in Assam.

The state govt. is primarily responsible to provide proper nutrition to poor families and is now fulfilling its commitment. And is a great and very significant step at creating a healthy base of a population.

ANNA Yojana 2019 in Assam would serve the basic purpose that all poor citizens particularly children and women get nutritious meal everyday.

Rice is a basic necessity of people and by providing this essential commodity at lower rates under a food subsidization programme is a major step towards ensuring good health of citizens.


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