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Assam Women’s University Gets First VC After Six Years

Six years ago, in 2013, the then #ChiefMinister of #Assam inaugurated Assam’s first women’s university, established under the Assam #Women’s #University Act, 2013, in Jorhat near Rowriah Airport.

Set up with an aim to facilitate women's higher education and provide them with skills and opportunities to better develop themselves, the Assam Women's University offers graduate and post-graduate courses in various fields, ranging from humanities and engineering to hospitality and design. However, till a few days back the University did not have its own Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor of the Assam Agricultural University, Kamal Malla Bujarbaruah, served as the mentor of AWU until his retirement. Later on his successor, Ashok Bhattacharyya, had taken on the role.

#MalineeGoswami, the head of the Department of #Assamese at #Gauhati #University, was appointed the Vice Chancellor of Assam Women’s University on the occasion of its 6th foundation day, on 12th September. This was a long-overdue demand of the faculty, students and staff alike and has finally been realized. Malinee Goswami, in her maiden speech as the Vice Chancellor of the only women's university in the area, said that she was ready to take up her duties and responsibilities and perform them with sincerity and also requested the cooperation of all for the development of the institution.

The Assam Women’s University does need to be upgraded and taken special care of as it is not just the only women's university in Assam but in the entire #NorthEast. The appointment of a Vice Chancellor is a welcome step that will provide an impetus to the evolution of the institution and a boost to #education and work opportunities for #women.


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