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Assam: Your next Dream Destination

We at MMB know that you want a vacation, somewhere fun somehwere exotic but you are not too sure where that destination should be! Well, don't you worry! We have a list of Top 2 places you could go in the heart of Assam that will not even cost you a dime!

The tall trees tower over the jagged rocks and cut through the cluster of clouds that fly across the zig-zag roads guiding you upwards, through an incredibly thrilling experience.

You follow through the treacherous landscape all to reach a summit and pause.

What you see now defies description—a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the world which is full of undisturbed beauty!

But, the mighty ranges lining the Northeast regions of India, have a lot more to offer.

Dotted with varied communities, cuisine and cultures, here are five hidden gems that have to be in your bucket list!

1) Sualkuchi, Much more than Manchester of the East

The usual picture of Sualkuchi emerges wrapped in silken threads, rhythmically rattling incessantly on the traditional throw-shuttle loom. Almost 30 km away from Guwahati, this little town for centuries has been known for its distinct style of weaving, earning it the sobriquet—Manchester of the East.

However, even if you are not a textile enthusiast in pursuit of the lustrous drapes, Sualkuchi will not disappoint you.

The town, known for its rich heritage and culture, offers an array of wonders dipped in fascinating history, folklore and colourful festivals.

One such prominent event you should not miss is the boat race, locally known as the Naw Khel.

Held in the memory of Srimanta Sankardev, the 16th-century Assamese polymath, the race involves thousands of people from across various religions participating and competing with infectious zeal and enthusiasm.

The colours and the pulse of the event is truly something worth experiencing, at least once!

2) Secret Tunnels of Talatal Ghar

If you are a history buff or love a good hide and seek game amid complicated labyrinths, Talatal Ghar is your place!

Known for its stellar design, it is one of the few examples of Tai Ahom architecture that originated in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam.

Built like an army base in erstwhile Rangpur (present-day Sivsagar) in Assam, the monument is characterised by two secret tunnels that run beneath the humongous structure connecting to the Dikhow river and Ghargaon palace, respectively. These tunnels were used as escape routes during enemy attacks.

The overall structure includes a total of seven floors in addition to the secret floors, which however are now restricted to visitors. Although hearsay, many claim that the tunnels were shut down after the people going in, never returned.

We will keep on adding to this list, and we hope not just read you will also go into these dreamy locations! For at MMB we believe that in Assam, the best is yet to come!

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