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Assamese Films take over New York!

The prestigious New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) to be held from May 7th to the 12th, is set to host not one, not two but four films by Assamese filmmakers, including one documentary!

The films are: 'Bulbul Can Sing' revolving around the story of Bulbul, a teenaged student, who grows up in a rural setting. While she is on the verge of discovering her teen life, a tragedy strikes her best friend.

A spirited Bulbul fights her way through love and loss as she figures out who she really is.

Bhoga Khidikee' (Broken Window) by Jahnu Barua that is essentially multi-layered story from the perspective of a female protagonist whose life is in turmoil owing to the ideological and existential clash among the three men in her life, her father, husband and a stranger,

'Aamis' by Bhaskar Hazarika that has heavily drawn critics’ attention.

And, 'Daughters of the Polo God', a documentary by Roopa Barua. That is set in Manipur, is a unique story of girls and horses empowering each other. It is about saving an endangered breed of pony and empowering women in polo.

These films represent diverse narratives and since the film festival celebrates independent, art house, alternate and diaspora films from the Indian subcontinent and is held at the Village East Cinemas in Lower East Side of Manhattan - it is a big opportunity for our art and artists to shine.

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