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Barak Valley's New Plastic Bank!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Barak Valley is often upto some curious and very innovative things; recently with growing awareness on the sustainable aspects of living, it was not surprising that the valley came up with a solution for it!

They invented the Plastic Bank!

Plastic Bank is where citizens can go and deposit single-use plastic items. This initiative was taken by the Hailakandi Municipal Board following the district administration's decision to ban single-use plastic in August 2019.

Keerthi Jalli, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Hailakandi district backed the initiative. He said the initiative was undertaken to bring about behaviour modification and to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle.

"Under the 'Swachhata Hi Seva' campaign, single-use of plastic has been banned. We feel banning and penalising is the easier part. The bigger challenge is in bringing about behavior modification and encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle," said Jalli.

Jalli urged the citizens to shun single-use plastic and asserted that water bottles made of plastic, water pouches and plastic covers would be collected by the bank. The items collected by the plastic bank will be sent to cement factories for recycling. Acknowledging her appeal, some vendors voluntarily deposited their stockpiles of plastic bags at the ban. Jalli in return gave them Bags made of paper and cloth and appealed the traders to discard single-use plastic and help the local SHGs by endorsing their handmade products for ushering in a healthy and wealthy Hailakandi.

This impetus comes from Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal's repeated urge to the community to do better than use SUPs; after all a green and clean Assam is the Future Assam! We wecome innovation, we welcome genius creativity in terms of sustainability even more! What other solutions can we think of?

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