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Basobi Daimary: Age no Bar

The women in Assam create waves wherever they go, so it is no surprise that Basobi Daimary went on to win an extremely coveted beauty title without even being consciously prepared for it throughout her life.

In an exclusive she says, “Whatever happens in the outer situation, no matter how large it is, my inner world is always strong.”

A Humanitarian by passion Basobi is associated with Lioness club ‘ARPAN’ and indulge in social causes. She is a fitness enthusiast and gymming for the last 10 years. She pays a lot of attention to my health and I really enjoy doing exercise.

She counts Fitness and meditation as one of her hobby. Basobi is a Beautician, Therapist, Hair-Stylist and a Make-up Artist by profession makeover artist & has diplomas in hair, beauty and make-up from various reputed Institutions in India.

"Life is very precious to me. So, I never misuse my time. I am always occupied with my business and social causes. I am very clear what I want in life and accordingly proceed. I do thing which matters to me the most.” Firmly said Basobi.

Now settled Ghaziabad NCR, Basobi says:

“Spirituality has helped me to become meditative. It has empowered me as a human being and a lot of awareness has come. My inner world has become stable and joyful.”

Life is a brief happening here. So, she wants to live life to its fullest potential. She would love to expand her small social cause which she is doing right now. Also want to enhance her professional and personal life in the coming times. "

Mrs. Basobi Daimary from Guwahati, Assam a 43 year old, happily married for the last 20 years and a proud mother of a 19 year old college going son. She stands as an inspiration for wellness everywhere and especially for women in Assam!

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