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Bear it in!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

It is true that there exists a lot many discourse on the concept of zoos, and the role they have to play in the world for conservation and education.

But the one thing that they are particularly important for are for the endangered species – since, many animals are critically endangered in the wild and may go extinct, are being carefully and slowly but steadily being groomed inside of the safe enclosure of zoos.

We do not need reminding of the unfortunate fact that many animals and birds are already extinct in the wild and only survive because of populations kept going in captivity.

Even those critical of zoos often recognise this role and that it is better to have species preserved somewhere than be lost for all time. However, even species that are common can come under severe threat very quickly or without people realising.

So at times of such peril, good news comes from Assam Zoo. The State Zoo in Guwahati, welcomed the birth of two Himalayan black bears in the bear enclosure.

According to Zoo officials, they have been monitoring the mother since her pregnancy period.  

It is to be mentioned that the species goes into hibernation during pregnancy and does not come out of its cave until the baby is 12 to 15 days old. 

These conservation efforts are being infinitely encouraged by the current Chief Minister of the State, Sarbananda Sonowal, and frankly, we are more than happy to see a waving bear at us!

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