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Biggest Democratic Festival!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

As India prepares for the mammoth task of India, the wings of the state of Assam, are going full-on to get everything done and ready to ensure a transparent, smooth and proper conduct of the elections.

Being the biggest democracy in the world, the task at hand is neither easy nor is it small.

The Election Commission of India, in 2014, deployed 3.7 million polling staff, 550,000 security personnel, 56 helicopters and 570 special trains to conduct a five-week-long exercise in close to a million polling stations.

In a multi-party democratic system, India had 1,709 registered political parties, of which 464 fielded their candidates in 2014. In the last election, the federal government spent 38.70 billion rupees so that 834 million electorates could choose their parliamentary representative from 8,251 candidates.

Divided into 29 states and seven federally-administered territories, and with a population of more than 1.3 billion, India's poll will take place in seven phases between April 11 and May 19, with results announced on May 23.

So in a novel state, the Assam Police has started the hashtag #DeshKaMahaTyohar, to enable a spirit of celebration of democracy. Starting out on campaigns on the eligibility, validity and requirements of casting a vote.

Chief Minister of BJP government in Assam has appealed people to use power of voting to select the best leader as a chief Minister of Assam.

We are pleased that despite all the workload, Assam Police is taking out visuals for awareness and efficiency.

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