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Bihu, Elections and the Youth!

Bihu is the heart of Assamese society. It is the symbol of Assamese culture and festival. Rongali bihu is the festival for which every Assamese person waits eagerly for the whole year to enjoy to the fullest. Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu is the new year of Assamese calendar and is celebrated through out the month.

The new year of Assamese calendar falls on April 15. The new year starts with the month 'Bohag'. This is the reason why Rongali Bihu is also called 'Bohag Bihu'. The word 'Rongali' is derived from 'Rong' which means Happiness and celebrations. So this festival represent happiness of the society. All the three Bihu festivals of Assam are related to harvesting. Rongali bihu falls in a period when the there is no work for the cultivators but still there is enough in the store to enjoy. Being a agriculture based state, Assam, has always marked this Bihu as the symbol of joy. This also biggest the festival in Assam and celebrated in every corner of the state.

This time it has brought forward a year of elections too; like usual; but a wave of new age voters have come in and have altered the entire scene. With ideas and conceptual negotiations that are as refreshing as the new bloom of the season. With 2.17 crore strong first time voters, the state is seeing a critical, developmental rises.

We are doing a week of special Bihu articles - a celebration of the Assamese New Year.

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