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Building Bridges: VOTE NOW

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The North Eastern states are known for a lot of things, for a lot of aesthetic things that too!

But one of the better known is the one that is located in the majestic deepness, and denseness tropics of the forests of Meghalaya; shrouded in cloud and rain for much of the year.

Among the most most astonishing man-made natural wonders is the living root bridges, inventive members of the Khasi tribe have trained them to grow from the roots of ancient rubber trees, native to the northeast region. The root bridges provide a stable alternative to wooden bridges, which decay and get destroyed during the

lengthy monsoon seasons.

It takes around 15 years for a new root bridge to become strong enough to bear the weight of people crossing it. However, it will continue to grow and strengthen even more over time. Some of the bridges are believed to be hundreds of years old, although no one knows their exact age. Their tangled webs of roots are almost eerie in nature and wouldn't look out of place in a fantasy world.

Crossing this barrier, election awareness and campaigns are being spread.

With help and support from the BJP government in Assam , some youngsters from Assam have campaigned to visit every nook and corner of the region to spread information. So along with government officials and workers they have gone on to tread miles, and through these wonders to create a population base that is strong, aware and there (to vote)!

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