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Changing lives one day at a time: Hamida Khatun

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

By profession, Mir Hamida Khatun may seem just like any other woman police constable (placed in the Goalpara Police Station), but to women in Borpothar Milannagar, she is a saviour, she is a life-changer.

She has altered the lives of many distressed women in the area through small changes that she herself took the burden to undertake at the grassroots level.

Formerly, an Assam Police Task Force women from Barpeta District, she has been working intensively with the area's women and children and raising awareness on their fundamental rights as well as their duties.

“Mostly, the people of this area are economically backward and their wives are more or less victims of child marriage. The daily wage earner husbands cannot take proper care of their school dropped out children. Thus when I first saw them, I felt a duty towards them,” explained Khatun.

Her relentless effort with the disempowered with whatever time she could spare has helped create the much needed discourse on domestic violence, child abuse, child marriage and trafficking issues that all women have to tackle with.

Her role in these small communities has completely changed the mindsets of women who previously thought that women were only the subject to inside the four walls of their home.

Such inspirational stories help to hope and optimism in our society, and women like Khatun are that beacon of light when we need it the most.

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