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Chief Minister of Assam gives impetus to the handloom sector

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Introduction about Assam & Handloom Industry:

Assam is celebrated for its beautiful weaves. Almost every Assamese household in rural Assam still houses a loom. Cotton, Paat silk, Muga silk, and Eri are some of the popular fabrics that are being woven in Assamese looms. Assam silk is highly appreciated all over India and in fact everywhere that Indian weaves reach. The art of weaving has a rich heritage in Assam. #Handloom production is said to have been at its most supreme during the Ahom period. During this period, a proper administrative system was employed to take care of the entire process of silk weaving, from the rearing of silkworms, to the reeling of silk yarn and weaving of the fabric

However, the handloom industry of Assam experienced a slump due to the easy availability of machine-made and imported cloth. The popularity of Assamese handloom has undeniably been losing its place to the cheaper factory-made products. The handloom industry is a rural, cottage industry and has its fair share in the economy of the state. The industry offers a huge scope for employment generation while keeping the heritage of Assam intact. Considering this, the Assam government has come up with various projects and schemes to boost the weaving industry and take it to greater heights.

New Handloom Policy in Assam Soon: Sarbananda Sonowal (Chief Minister of Assam)

In order to give a lift to the handloom industry, the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, launched a handloom cluster project at Lezai in Upper Assam’s Dibrugarh district. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, the Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal said that the “weavers of Assam weave dreams in their looms” and this speaks volumes about the skill and the status of Assamese weavers. Similar projects have been planned for other areas as well. Further, the Assam government is also looking into ways to amplify production and to better market the craft, so that handloom products can reach existing customers easily and also gain new admirers.

About New updated Policy announced by Sarbananda Sonowal (Handloom Industry):

The Chief Minister of Assam stated that the government will soon adopt a new handloom & textile policy to give an impetus to the handloom sector of the state. Sarbananda Sonowal said that according to this policy, the major focus will remain on integrating products as well as marketing of handloom products. This project will empower the weavers economically & makes a niche for handicrafts of the state in world market.

Remarking on the Government of India's drives to give one creator in each Block handloom bunch by utilizing the weaving abilities of Assamese weavers, Chief Minister of Assam additionally asked the young to take up weaving as a genuine livelihood.

Chief Minister also reviewed the activities of Handloom & textile industry. He stated that conventional weaving skills of does not meet with modern expectation but the weavers have vast potential & the government of Assam will provide favorable conditions to make the weaving aptitudes increasingly modernized and alluring by using the most recent innovation. The new handloom and material strategy will work in such manner", Sarbananda Sonowal said.

Weaving is not just a profession or hobby here, it’s a tradition that every Assamese owns with pride. While some enjoy handling the looms, others delight in donning the beautiful fabrics. The weavers are the pride of Assam and this tradition of weaving is an integral part of the state's identity. And now with the policies taken up by the government, the Assamese handloom industry is sure to reach new milestones.

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