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Country Roads take me to Hawhuapara: A take

Assam is a treasure house of scenic beauty. We do not need to re-iterate that, so here we present a hidden gem - Hawhuapara.

Go anywhere in any direction, it will only be feast to your eyes and soul as well. One such beautiful stretch is the NH37 drive towards lower Assam.

Taking slight diversion from the highway leads to amazing visuals, consisting of huge trees, majestic spread of paddy fields, small brooks or gurgling waterfalls. One such waterfall is the Hawhuapara waterfall, not very far from the city of Guwahati.

The waterfall is situated away from the materialistic and mechanical world (now we have included it in our world though!) in the Assam-Meghalaya border. Away from the humdrum of city life Hawhuapara waterfall is a beautiful retreat.

How to get there?

As we get out of Guwahati and take the 37 national highway, we experience a serene view right at the outset of our journey. Both side of the highway is adorned with breathtaking views. After travelling for one and a half hour or so from Guwahati we get down from the left of the highway to Malankona road. Driving on the country road for another 45 minutes we come across Sildubi market.

From Sildubi market another 15-20 minutes of drive and we reach the adjoining hamlet from where we can hear the gushing music of the water. Few twist and turn and there it is, a stunning view of a waterfall cascading down. We walk down to the water and enjoy nature’s blessing to the fullest.

A Gem Hidden away:

Hidden away by nature and enjoyed only by the small village, it wasn’t long back that this place was discovered by the outsiders. It is a good thing it was discovered. Hope we respect that by not littering and polluting the place. It is perfect for a short gateway from the monotonous life, basically for the people from nearby towns and the people of Guwahati, as there are still no places for halt. However, people visiting Assam, while staying in Guwahati can plan a trip to the Hawhuapara Falls.

A life is to be lived, and lived with utmost care to perceive it in all its beauty.

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