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Dimbeswar Das - Earth Hero, Green Warrior

It is not every day that our everyday heroes are rewarded, for their work does not demand recognition but their work creates reverberating goodness.

One such man, who in his usual identity is a 50-something frontline staff at Kaziranga National Park but the Park knows him as the warrior who would withstand all seasons: He is Dimbeswar Das - who recently received the Earth Hero, Green Warrior award from the Royal Bank of Scotland in New Delhi on Tuesday carrying a citation and cash award of Rs. 2 lakh.

Affectionately known as Dimba, he received accolades and an award in recognition of his dedicated service to the field of wildlife conservation. In the 30 years that he had actively served in Kaziranga, Dimbeshwar has faced poachers bullets and threats, survived charges from rhinos, wild buffaloes, elephants, and big cats and had to move houses several times to evade threats to his family— all in the service to the protection of the national park, a national asset. A great network of intelligence and community support has led to the neutralisation of several notorious poachers. His mentorship and engagement with the community has resulted in quick and effective conflict resolution measures in the events of carnivore attacks on livestock

His devotion to the conservation of wildlife, especially in the conservation of the one-horned rhino has earned him this very deserved recognition. And it is of note that he is the lone nominee from Assam.

Let's celebrate Dimbeswar's win as our own. For the work that the frontline does, often gets ignored or forgotten; we are thankful for his service. Do you know any stories that resonate like such? Send them to us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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