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Discovering the wild tea: The Story of an Assamese Explorer

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Dr. Pradip Baruah, Chief Advisory Officer at the Tocklai Tea Research Institute (TRI) in Assam’s Jorhat, loves an adventure whenever the opportunity arises.

And in January this year, Baruah fulfilled one of his long-felt dreams on a walk into the jungles of Assam where he photographed an ancient wild forest of Camellia Assamica, a species of large-leaf tea distinct from China’s Camellia Sinensis.

An avid explorer, Baruah, who has a PhD in agricultural science, has hiked the jungles that rise above the great Brahmaputra River Valley for many years, documenting various cultivars and collecting specimens used in his work at Tocklai Tea Research Institute.

Dr. Baruah discovered an extensive area of large wild teas at Old Doidam area of Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh; wherein the area remains inhabited by Noktey tribe people.

This is the first ever report of discovery of wild teas in that area.

This new discovery which sets apart the Assamese variety from the Chinese variety, means the possibilities of opening up a whole new international market for the wild tea which is in rage among tea enthusiasts around the world currently.

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