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A look back into the life of the "Free Textbook Scheme" :

Unveiled in 2016 to start running from 2017-2018, the State Government of Assam has with an aim to increase enrolment in state-funded schools and reduce dropout rate, the government decided to give free textbooks to class 9 and 10 students from the academic year 2017-18

Noting the target group of the scheme is all students studying in classes 9 and 10 irrespective of their parents' income, the scheme began an essential coverage of all government/ provicialised (government-funded) high and higher secondary schools, all tea garden schools, local body schools, all model schools under Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan (RMSA) and all non-provincialised schools receiving financial incentives at any point of time.

Since then, enrolment rate in India has gone up, and and effective monitoring has helped and seen through its implementation. We see a future being moulded right in front of us. And this is our chance to help raise it.


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