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PRANAM from the Govt. to us:

The stated objective of this Commission is essentially that no state government employee will be able to exploit or ignore their aged parents and/ or unmarried divyang siblings.

A first-of-its-kind, (in the country) the bill has made it mandatory for the employees of the State government to look after their parents and unmarried divyang siblings who do not have their own source of income.

The PRANAM bill is an effort of the people’s government to protect vulnerable groups in their times of need and provide financial security. If any such complaint of ignorance of old parents by a state government employee is reported to the Commission, a percentage of their salary (10% or 15%) will be deducted by the government and paid to the aggrieved parents or divyang siblings.

This bill is set to benefit 8 lakh parents of 4 lakh state government employees; a wide net to help recognise the role of parents in the success of their children; and help a definite set of divyang siblings to underlie that solidarity and relations are important to maintain for a healthy society.


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