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From Barren to Lush: A story of personal and ecological achievement

Former militants from the Bodo community, who gave up their armed struggle for secession from India just over ten years ago, began an intense reforestation drive that led them to convert barren lands into forests!

A group of 35, led by Ismail Daimary started a venture that was unique to the area of Bhairabkunda Reserve Forest, in Udalguri Distrci - which lies 100 km away from Guwahati. This area was left for no use due to the illegal activities of logging and rapid deforestation and increment in man-animal conflicts.

That same patch of land today has a lush greenery, marked by tall rubber trees, a variety of flora and a thriving fauna like elephants, leopards, mongoose, python, deer, wild boars, various species of snakes and migratory birds. With assistance from locals and government initiatives, this group using only traditional means, has created evidence for the successful ventures of man with nature.

With the beauty and wildlife being regenerated this reserve has unsurmountable potential for tourism, cottage industry and thusly, employment.


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