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Game Changer Series: Aimoni Tumung

There is a curious thing happening on the outskirts of Guwahati, near the Pamohi Hills, A school named Parijat Academy for the underprivileged is setting up a space for entreprenurial women - to empower, and help sustain a minimum standard for living life - not just for themselves but for a bigger community at hand! Started by Uttam Teron, the school also has a tailoring unit which was installed years back in 2008 to practice handicrafts and other textile products. It is from this place that Aimoni Tumung started to make reusable sanitary napkins since last year which gave her the tag ‘Padwoman’.

Aimoni Tumung let us know that ‘Days for Girls’ is the organization behind the story of this product. ‘They came to us with the concept and trained us. We saw the potential of the reusable sanitary napkins and immediately started working on it. Initially, we distributed hundred napkins to some needy people in Garbhanga village and people accepted the napkins’.

However, the materials used for its production (PUL) polyurethane laminate is not available locally. ‘Days for Girls supply us PUL for the napkins. The napkins are stitched using cotton and flannel cloth and made sure that it is hygienic. The napkins are advised to use for three years,’ said Aimoni Tumung.

‘Amar Gusti was the first group of people who approached us for a hundred napkins. Since then many organizations have contacted us for these napkins. Presently, the price of the napkins is Rs. 80 and Rs. 110 depending upon the size,’ Aimoni said.

Now they are aiming to provide ten thousand free reusable sanitary napkins to needy people in the state. But for that they will be requiring financial support. Hence, they are planning to approach those who can.

Aimoni mentioned, ‘We have trained 12 girls from our hostel who help us in stitching along with three others from our locality. We make sure that they are getting paid for the service.’ Guwahati Lions Club sponsors the salary of Jamuna Boro, one of the three girls who work in the tailoring unit.

Jamuna Boro said, ‘I am happy that our reusable napkins are helping the needy, which was initially our aim.’

With entrepreneurial pursuits increasing and taking manifold routes, the fact of empowering women through issues that impact our society deeply is what keeps us going! Thank you Aimoni. Game Changer is a weekly series featuring people who are changing the world one day at a time. @Manuhemanuhoebabe1 is on Twitter and on Facebook!

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