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Game Changer Series: Goutam Surana

Waste of water is one of the most severe issues plaguing our country today, especially when water scarcity is rising every day. An average Indian household uses at least 150 litres per person per day but a large amount of that is not put to proper use. Optimising the use of water is the need of the hour, and that is exactly what 34-year-old Goutam Surana from Assam has set out to do.

‘Water literacy is very poor in our country—many want to conserve water, but do not know how to do it. Many also think it is the government’s job to save water. The urban population wastes more than the rural population, for two main reasons—the plumbing system makes it convenient, unlike in rural areas where people have to fetch water  from a distance or tube wells; and a lower attachment with nature results in urban folk not viewing water as an invaluable resource,’ says Goutam.

Being from a small town in Assam, Goutam spent his childhood close to nature and rivers and has always had the yearning to contribute to the environment. Accordingly, in 2010, Goutam started Eco365 with a motive to address conservation of fresh water and bring awareness to individual and companies about responsible living. The products at Eco365 range from water-saving aerators and adaptors to water-free urinal solutions. The water-saving adaptors and aerators for washbasins can reduce up to 90 percent water consumption.

Goutam and his team are also taking efforts to introduce water-free urinals in India. A concept popular in European countries, it is now considered a good solution to save water in Indian offices as well. Eco365 provides two solutions—the Falcon Waterfree urinal and bio-cakes. In the former, the gravity-fed design moves urine through the system without using or wasting any water, thereby saving 100 percent of the energy associated with traditional flush urinals. The latter solution involves retrofitting existing urinals into water-free ones.

The Eco365 water fixtures are priced between Rs 80 and Rs 400. The investment made on retrofitting a kitchen tap, bears fruit in two–four months, courtesy of the water it saves. A retrofitted tap could annually save 20,000–30,000 litres.

An estimated 40 crore litres of water is being saved on a daily basis across the country with the efforts of Eco365. ‘We have easily saved over 100 crore litres of water across more than 2,000 projects. Our clients include offices, factories, apartments, and individual homes. We also have customers overseas,’says Goutam. GameChanger Series is an attempt by MMB to highlight and bring under the spotlight the heroes of our community, who do all this and more selflessly. Contribute to us, your loca heroes and let's see what impact we can collectively create! Follow us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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