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Game Changer Series: Purabi Kalita

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

She is a breast cancer survivor but is on a mission to motivate others in their fight against the disease through her inspiring story since 2017. The 5th edition of Pinkathon 2019, which was announced in a city hotel on Thursday, was no different. Like many occasions previously, she hogged the limelight on Thursday when she motivated others with her inspiring and thought-provoking speech in her fight against cancer.

Her success mantra to win over cancer: “I want to say that cancer is just a phase and to recover from it, we need a positive mindset in ourselves.”

She is Assam’s Purabi Kalita, who has been working as head mistress at Natun Fatashil Town High School in Guwahati.

Addressing the gathering, Kalita said, “I was diagnosed with cancer on April 6, 2017. That time, I was busy with ‘Gunotsav’ in our school. I suddenly felt a lump in my right breast and I panicked as I already knew that a lump in breast meant something serious. I shared this incident with my colleagues and they said that it wasn’t serious and would disappear in some days. But I didn’t take any chance and went to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai directly.”

“There was a lot of patients in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and I didn’t want to waste time there because I had my students waiting and I was responsible for them. So I didn’t want them to face any problem because of my illness. Instead of going to Tata Memorial Hospital, I went to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute in Mumbai and there they said that they would have to do a biopsy and then the cancer was detected,” she recalled.

Sharing her experience, she further said she felt terror inside soon after detection of the disease. "I thought that why it happened to me? Whenever we mention the word cancer we take it as a matter of terror or curse. Our society is so much tangled with the word that it is very tough to untangle one. I was even afraid to speak about this to anyone fearing that people will treat me as an untouchable and will stay away from me. I even feared to share it with my family members,” she added.

Informing that she used to drive herself to therapy sessions and then return to her school for classes, she further said that she used to continue with her routine work without any difficulties. “And now, I am totally free from cancer. I want to say that cancer is just a phase and to recover from it, we need a positive mindset in ourselves,” she said it with a smile in her face.

Urging women to take part in Pinkathon, Kalita said that the focus of India’s biggest women’s-only running event is to encourage an active lifestyle and overall fitness among women while creating a much-needed awareness about breast cancer and bone health and encourage thousands of new or first-timer women to take up running


“All proceeds raised from the event will be used for the expenses incurred in organising and marketing the event, and by the Women's Cancer Initiative in its fight against breast cancer,” she added.

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