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Going to Work - Going to Bihu:

If one shifted from pajamas to the traditional Bihu attire during any of the four Bihus one should not be too surprised; so we too are not although not too surprised but just very genuinely and pleasantly enjoying that there are certain things that even sombre work cannot take away from the Assamese heart.

When one reads up on workplace etiquette, workplace behaviour, workplace uniform, workplace this or that - one often feels it is warranted by a certain mundaneness that just cannot be lived up with.

But Assamese folk - as they are experts in - have been challenging norms and transforming spaces. And this time, it's the folk at petrol pumps of Bapujinagar, Matia of Goalpara and of Narayanpur in Lakhimpur who were seen dressed in the traditional Assamese dhoti and gamusa on the occasion of Rongali Bihu.

The employees of these petrol pumps were seen refilling vehicles of customers donning the traditional dhoti, suria and gamusa. . People appreciated the move on social media and expressed their happiness over the initiative of the employees.

The employees said that they readily accepted the proposal sent by their owners.

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