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Green Corridor for Assam Child: Government Steps in

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

There are times when the Government has to step in to do things it is not expected to do, but has to do!

In a first, we saw the government step up for the right cause!

Snigdharaag Bhuyan, a 4-month old baby, suffering from acute pneumonia and on ventilation in a Guwahati Nursing Home, had to be rushed to Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi for advanced treatment. He had to be taken to the airport, without losing any time, from the nursing home for further transshipment in an air ambulance.

Guwahati police aided in providing the green corridor through the busy roads on Sunday morning at around 10.30.

City police commissioner Hiren Nath accompanied the infant in the ambulance from the nursing home to the airport. The drive, which usually takes around 90 minutes, was completed in less than half an hour.  

SSP (Traffic) Amanjeet Kaur personally supervised the facilitation. 

Arrangements were also made in New Delhi for rapid movement from airport to Gangaram Hospital.

The family of the baby who hails from Bishwanath Charilai in Assam, has called for help from benevolent people at the time of their crisis through social media. Assam government has also come forward to help. Social media and the BJP government in Assam led by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has allowed for crucial communication. You can get latest news updates of Assam from Manuhe Manuhor Babe, a famous news website. We are only a part of this great revolution. For more such news, follow us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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