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Gunotsav: Education as the Stepping Stone

A sturdy and strong base is important to have a proper foundation in life, to not only capture the goals one wants for themselves but also to go out there and achieve the not individually but as a community.

And education plays a very important role in paving the way to curate those experiences.

Good education does go a long way; primary school education today is focussed on establishing the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills of children, as well as developing their understanding of the world - a wholesome arousal of knowledge and awareness.

These skills are increasingly necessary for life in the modern world, and are essential to develop as proper human resources.

Primary education is not only compulsory but it is also provided for the state: An important offer in this regard is the Gunotsav - a quality enhancement and betterment initiative for bringing about improvement in learning levels of students at Elementary level.

It seeks to create specific roadmaps and networks through which schools as well as students can help out the steps that lead to the paths they might want to pursue.

The exercise - which completed its first session in 2017 has helped bridge gaps in learning levels of students of classes-II to VIII, which pushed for the the teachers to provide appropriate intervention to improve learning levels of students.

Such care in education is a first, and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has said that the assessment shows an, "increased retention rate and reduced dropout rate."

A wholesome school life ensures upgraded future that helps all stakeholders have a legitimate claim at what the world has to offer.


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