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Hailakandi: Hailed as Most Aspirational!

Hailakandi, one of the three districts of Southern Assam - Barak Valley has some interesting and really news brewing!

In the performance report published by the NITI AYOG, the district shot up to number one from the 52nd position, among the list of all aspirational districts of the country.

This development has now bumped its share on allocation of resources, and so, the Aspirational District of Hailakandi will be given an additional Rs. 10 crore.

Hailakandi ranked first among the 112 aspirational districts of India on the basis of its performance during

November-December 2018 and January 2019, an official release said.

The basis for this selection was in kind of the district’s overall performance and their adherence to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Being a beautiful district, in itself, its ranking redemption proves to be an impetus for the people residing there to achieve comprehensive development.

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