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Home ground to Home Run: Parag Riyan's done it!

Those who grew up playing gully cricket, or cosco-ball cricket will tell you that it is not just a past-time.

In Assam too, with its culture for sports and the want-to-do, there bloomed talent that is making huge waves now.

Hailing from Assam, Parag Riyan has now registered himself as one of the most promising cricketers in this year's IPL and was a part of the India Under-19 side for the two youth Tests in England.

Parag was India's second highest run-getter behind Prithvi Shaw in the youth Tests and played a crucial role during the India's win in Chesterfield.

In the 2016-17 Cooch Behar Trophy, Parag scored 642 runs in 14 innings with a best score of an unbeaten 202.

"Since childhood, I used to play cricket. Earlier, we used to stay in the NF railways quarters where we used to have a field and I used to play cricket using plastic balls along with my friends. I started taking coaching from Nawab Ali sir.

Gradually, I started playing in the district as well as state level and then U-19. Now that I am selected for IPL 2019, I will try to make the best out of the opportunities given to me. I will try to give the best shot. Ever since my childhood, my father has remained my coach. Till date he has been my coach."

Narag's mother Mithu Baruah said that her son was always interested in cricket.

"Riyan was always interested in cricket since childhood. By the time he was 16 months he started playing with plastic bat. Since then there was no stop. We asked him several times if he is interested while he was growing up at different ages and stages. He was always clear in his mind that he wants to play cricket and play for India and make a career in sports," Narag's mother said.

"His father is his coach and he is the one who taught him the basics of cricket. Eventually, at the age of eight years we shifted to Kharguli, he started coaching under coach Nawab Ali of Guwahati Cricket Centre for regular practice and to make him learn team game," she added.

What more than we want from youth of our country to flourish and make a name for themselves? But what more could we ask for when they have their roots so strongly attached!?

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