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Humanity over Religion: Assamese Stories that Matter

Ramzan may be now a long time gone, but the spirit of Ramzan is one of service and respect and of course, gratitude.

So when this Ramzan festival was underway, Panaullah Ahmed, a Muslim man from Mangaldoi in Assam, who had been observing roza (fast) from sunrise to sunset every day, broke his fast in a milestone to choose humanity over religion.

After Ahmad’s friend Tapash Bhagawati, who is also his roommate and colleague, received a call on May 8 about a patient in dire need of blood, the former broke his Ramzan fast and consumed food in order to donate blood to one Ranjan Gogoi from Dhemaji district in Assam. Gogoi had undergone a surgery for the removal of tumour at the Apollo Hospital in Guwahati. His family contacted a few donors but nobody was available. This is when Ahmed decided to help.

Ahmed consulted a few people from his community to check if he could donate blood while fasting. He was told that while he can donate blood, it might make him ill. It was then that he decided to break his fast.

Is this just not very heartwarming? At a time when people are torn between their communal identities - it is these stories that matter and make the most impact! If you liked this, share and tag us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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