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IIT-Grad to School Teacher: The Majuli School of Creativity

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

The recipient of the Budding Social Entrepreneur 2018-19 award, Bipin Dhane- an IIT Graduate, along with transnational corporations and NGOs from across the country have gone on to lay the foundations of one-of-a-kind schools to be up in Majuli called The Hummingbird School with 120 children from 11 villages of Majuli, in early 2017.

Teaching students free of costs and offering hostels at highly subsidised rates, the schools teaches students until Class 5 and although aren’t affiliated to any school board yet – enrolment of students from higher classes will naturally entail that.

BJP government in Assam has appreciated the work of Bipin Dhane in field of education. Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal stated that Bipin Dhane is inspiration as well as role model for several youths.

The curriculum is very flexible, broad interests-based and, seeks to account for the varied range of socio-cultural nitty-gritties and specificites of education.

The children are not burdened with an overwhelmingly strict curriculum based on a school board system but rather strictly within the local context.

In addition to basic language and computational skills, the school imparts basic life skills and takes classes on agriculture.

Twice every week, students have to attend classes on integrated farming practices, where children engage with the farm and learn how to grow crops. From these sessions, they learn basic plant biology, but more importantly, understand where they get their food from.

After class, art and music teachers from both the local community and outside volunteers impart lessons, besides conducting self-defence classes. They also have a football coach.

However, the most critical facet of their curriculum is how they inculcate elements from Mising tribal culture into their curriculum.

Creativity of this kind is precisely what the sluggish and slow educational sphere needs right now and millennial innovators are crucial for such advents.

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