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Jajabor Jibon - Traveller's Life:

Like the bard's famous song itself - Moi eti Jajabor, (I am a Traveller); is a sentiment that has rung through for generations that have gone and generations to come. This is a story of one such pair of jajabors.

When the heart realises it can fly and wants to explore beyond the mundane, the everyday – the mind sets forth on journeys.

An unfettered mind and a passion for travel is what has set this young Assamese couple on a journey across 18 Eurpoean countries in 120 days – a journey spanning more than 20, 000 kms.

Putting their prolific corporate careers on hold – Manas and Anuradha Dewan set out to these exotic locations. Of course, a trip like this, required money and although could not have done it without their savings - to be able to do the things they dreamt of is the real use of money, according to Dewan – it goes to show how little things in life can have bigger implications on how one perceives the world.

From freezing temperatures to scathing hold, the couple went through it all and came out stronger than ever – symbolising that when there is a will, there is a way, and when the heart feels like it has to go, it ought to.

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