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Juvenile Crimes, and Lessening of the same: Assam youth show promise

When we were just recovering from the Nirbhaya case horrors the rape and the murder of the 26 year old Hyderabad based vet in Shamshabad shook the nation again and questioning the safety of the women for the zillionth time in India. In both the cases among the many one disturbing factor that pops out is the juvenile being involved in such heinous crime as not only raping but inflicting hellish tortures to the victims to the extent of death.

Crime by juveniles is a harsh reality in India whether be it petty crimes like thefts and burglary or be it murder and rape. The last decade has seen many cases where the juveniles go to the extent of injuring or even murdering their parents for trivial matters like demanding a motor bike or even resisting to their restrictions of playing PubG. Blame it on the influence of the TV or social media, blame it on the ripped social traditions under the influence of westernization but it’s now turning a serious concern.

It is the duty of every state to provide with equal opportunities for all children during their period of growth and try to reduce inequality and injustice among them so that they mentally grow up to be healthy and responsible towards the country.

Juvenile crime was high in Assam too with petty and serious crimes like theft, killing, abduction, rape, and looting done by the minors. The reasons may be lack of education, social and economic weakness, and lack of peace in the family, misuse of technology, superstitions, lack of importance on youth mind set.

A positive note comes on this point as a report from the Assam government showed that the number of crimes committed by juveniles in Assam under various sections of the Indian penal code and the special and local laws code reduced. A total of 192 cases have been registered under the Juveniles section in the year 2017 in comparison to the 436 cases registered in 2016.

The recent budgets showed how the Assam government is investing high on child security for which they are getting a better childhood and developing their mind set in a healthy atmosphere. Education availability and nourishment has ensured children of all sections for investing their minds in development for which the crime rates are decreasing in case of the juveniles.

A lot more needs to be done for the better future of the children and the teenagers of the state and then only can we expect a society where the quote by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru will adjust better “ The children of today will make the India of tomorrow better. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.”

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