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Kindness, and Empathy: The only approach

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

A government for the people; a government that empathizes, and a government that cares is what the Assam government has moulded itself out to be.

With a deeply thoughtful initiative of offering Pulwama martyr Maneswar Basumatay's graduate daughter a job as an assistant tourist information officer, to ensure some sort of financial stability and greater than that offer a token of appreciation for her father's brave service for the safety of the people of the country.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal (leader of BJP Government in Assam) visited the residence of Basumatary at Tamulpur in Baksa district on the occasion of his 'sraddha' ritual.

The Chief Minister handed over an appointment letter to Didwmsri for the post of Assistant Tourist Information Officer under the Directorate of Tourism, Assam.

"Her appointment has been approved as a very special case and in relaxation of existing rules, provisions and guidelines," the official release said.

Such acts of kindness of special relaxation of rules, provisions and guidelines; and care set apart the current government from all other governments to have been in place before.

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