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Land Patta Distrubution: Agency and Empowerment of the Indigenous People

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The idea of indigenous rights is a contentious topic, and the indigenous people themselves often fail to be at the front of demanding their rights, for a lack of knowledge and a lack of resource catering.

With International Labour Organisation (ILO) and World Bank (WB) now recognising that there has to be a separate criterion for the indigenous people to evaluate their development, and cater to the basic needs thereby ensuring institutional protection; the government of Assam has rolled out safeguards that have sought to minimise the chasm that has evolved, and bridge the gaps of awareness and of legal, political and social mechanism likewise.

Utilising technological interventions, combined with institutional indemnity the Land Patta Distribution, has managed to expedite, in all the 33 districts of the State, land ownership rights to landless families of indigenous people – a step that has empowered and granted much agency, constitutionally, to the people that need it the most.

This in in tandem with the Land Policy of 1989 which had provided for legislations to grant land rights to the indigenous people of the state, which are finally being implemented – converted from mere legislations on paper to actual groundwork- to the relief of the people.

Coming into fruition under the current term of the state government headed by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, land allocations are planned to be handled in phases. Tirelessly working for the indigenous people, Sonowal emphasised that the government is determined to create an elaborate roadmap for giving land rights to the local landless people of the State.

A simplification of the processes of acquiring land rights, a better and improved outlook into the situation of the indigenous people, and the recognition of the multifarious demographic mosaic of the communities and their contribution of the development of the State marks the ‘Land Patta Distribution’ as monumental, in terms of policy and implementation both - for the betterment of those who are often forgotten and ignored, and have been for the past many years.


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