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Goldmine of Opportunities: A case for the potential of tourism in Assam

The land of red river and blue hills, Assam is the central state in the North-East Region of India and serves as the gateway to the rest of the Seven Sister States.

Tourism can grow, and it has grown tremendously since 2016 with the Look East Policy coming into effect. With efforts at tourism now having been accelerated, with a proper institutional mechanism to tap into this, it could create a domino effect for the employment sector.

The vantage point here lies in the fact that, coupled with the government’s initiatives, and Assam’s own variegated diversity and heritage; new concepts can be and are being engineered on the daily.

Like, spiritual tourism which already attracts thousands of pilgrim tourists, this number can be increased substantially. Being naturally endowed with bountiful resources and having been free from pollution, eco-tourism and new-age concepts of sustainable entrepreneurship is possible! As the largest producer of tea in the country, and its tea being world renowned, tea-tourism too is becoming an increasingly popular arena of engagement.

The expert artisan products that are being produced in the state have received global recognition and therefore paves way for the state to become a shopping destination also.

Tourism, in the past year has increased, and is set to increase. The positive impact it has on the local economy, of course, cannot be denied. Be it in terms of income generation or employment creation: it is linked with a chain of economically and socially beneficial activities which range from major infrastructural development to small scale impacts. Both skilled and unskilled labour find opportunity to be associated with tourism, and being at the centre of major policy initiatives, Assam makes a strong case as a goldmine of nothing but opportunities.


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