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Losing my Limit to Infinity:

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Asimat Jar Heral Seema (Who lost Their Limit in Infinity) is an Assamese novel written by Bhubanmohan Baruah under the pen-name of Kanchan Baruah. The first edition of this book was released on 15 July 1945. Kohinoor Theatre, a group of Mobile theatre of Assam staged it in 2008. The novel is one of the literary gems of Assamese language which continues to rule the heart of lakhs of people.

On its upcoming 74th year since release, we look back at this diamond with an abstract that will make you hunt down stores for this book:

The narrator, a clerk dreaming of a perfect married life with kids which gets sucked into a black hole all of a sudden. He wakes up startled to realise that he is supposed to go on an expedition that very day with his four friends - a professor, a doctor, a poet and a clerk, much like the narrator himself. The five friends want to leave the humdrum of their routine life for a month and embark on a boat journey along the river Dihing in the hopes of coming across an unexplored land.

After moving upstream on their boat for 15 days they unexpectedly come across a tribe of aboriginals in the dense jungles. After feasting and spending the night with the tribe, the next morning they face the revolt of their boatman and navigators who believe any journey further upstream will bring doom upon them all as the place is cursed. But the stubborn friends decide to continue the journey on their own. As they travel further, they are astounded by the breathtaking scenery at first, but as the night falls they are stuck in a violent rainstorm that takes them off course. Once the storm subsides they realise that their Professor friend is disoriented and sick and seem to be zoning in and out of his memories of his homeland from his previous birth, 1300 years ago.

This is where the main story starts. It is a story of love, life, friendship, patriotism and valour.

So are you picking up an assamese book today?


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