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Menstrual Hygiene Day: Stigma and Education

Globally, half of the population of women are currently of reproductive age—and menstruation is a monthly reality. Yet all around the world, many women lack access to menstrual hygiene products or sanitation facilities, either due to limited availability or excessive cost. Myths and stigmas surrounding menstruation cause some women and girls to miss school or work or go into isolation. Women and men of all ages must be made aware of the importance of menstrual hygiene through an open dialogue and education at home and in school to foster engagement with this often unspoken issue. So what do we do then when there's fatal consequences caused by a poor mental hygiene? Caused not only by a lack of agency but also awareness/ education on the issue?

Persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure undermines the educational opportunities, health and overall social status of women and girls around the world result for millions of women and girls to be kept from reaching their full potential.

28th of March then stands as a global day of advocacy, a platform for enabling women and girls (who become at-risk) to combat taboos associated with menstrual hygiene with the goal of enabling women and girls to achieve their full potential.

For 28th of March is Menstrual Hygiene Day;

Menstrual Hygiene Day is a global advocacy platform that brings together the voices and actions of non-profits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to promote good menstrual hygiene management for all women and girls. More specifically:

breaks the silence, raises awareness and changes negative social norms around MHM, andengages decision-makers to increase the political priority and catalyse action for MHM, at global, national and local levels. You can contribute too to the conversation and help remove the stigma, tag us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook and tell us how you learnt about menstruation, and how deep-seated this stigma is.

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