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Mission To Transform North-East India

Some major developmental projects are being undertaken in North-East India by the Ministry of Development of the North-Eastern Region (MDoNER), to boost economy and transform lives in the region. With an allocation of almost Rs. 3000 crores, implementation of almost 201 projects has been finalised to bring transformation and bring economy stability.

One interesting project, among the many that are being taken up, is the “Bamboo Industrial Park”, which will be a one-of-its-kind facility in Assam and in fact the entire North-East. It is being constructed at a cost of Rs.50 crores in Manderdisa in Dima Hasao district of Assam, and is spread in a sprawling 75 hectares of land. The park is scheduled to be completed by the year 2021.

Another project that has been initiated is the construction of a double lane road from Lanka to Umrangso. It is one of the major projects that would cost a sum of Rs. 199.50 crores. Furthermore, a water supply scheme with an approximate amount of Rs. 4.52 crores is also being implemented in Digboi, #Assam.

Besides, the Ministry of DoNER is in the process of finalising new proposals for further development of the region. One such proposal is to reserve two railway bogeys with cold storage facility to carry fruits from the #NorthEast to other markets. The railway bogeys would ensure that fruits like pineapple from the North-East reach other parts of India with their quality preserved.

Another big project MDoNER is working on is the launch of Heli-Clinics, which would facilitate the delivery of medical services to remote areas of the North-East, via helicopters. Doctors and paramedics will be flown to remote villages to provide outpatient (OPD) services to people. The process of execution is on a roll and it will not be too long before Heli-Clinics are a reality.

With the infrastructure upgradation and other innovative projects currently in pipeline, Ministry of DoNER, is surely on a mission to boost Central Government's Act East Policy. A region otherwise neglected, is surely getting major developmental boost, further improving the lives and livelihoods of the people.


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