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National Pride and Excellence Award!

Assam Police Batallion has been up to a lot of good things, thanks to their rigour and hardwork! Recently however the APBN 12th has earned quite a name; for Manjit Dihingia - an international karate player in his own right, who ran a marathon of 200 kms (that too, barefoot) in under 25 hours has been selected for National Pride & Excellence Award 2019.

This news has brought in a lot of joy for the people of Assam, and has given him a much needed pat on the back! Manjit has been long known in Assam circles for his efforts at trying to spread awareness about preserving and promoting Assamese folk musical instruments.  To this effect, he rode a Ranger cycle while playing Assamese folk instruments like flute, dhol, taal and pepa without touching the handle of the cycle from Gohpur to Kusumtala (80 km).

Universal Records Forum (URF) has also granted him Universal Records Forum Top Talent Award 2016. He also received an honorary degree from World Records University in 2017.  Is not this inspiring that someone who is already devoted to the service of the nation, and the people is trying so many things that motivate other to also push their own boundaries?!

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