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On Security and Initiative: Tirap and Changlang

Assam is many things, and is in the news for a lot many; but what it does not do is compromise on security - especially since Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal joined office. Reviewing the security scenario of Upper and South Assam areas at the Army's 3 Corps and 2 Mountain Division camp at Dinjan n Dibrugarh district; he urged for a control to be set up that is in constant communication with intelligene agencies. Since the strenghetning of the security factor, it seems that the activities of all extremist outfits have been brought under control. The apparatus has been set up in even the remotest of areas of Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh bordering Assam. Security threats are sourced not just from extremeties of men, but also from natural factors. So the division of flood control and erosion have been curated to perform better. This division is especially meant to serve the Dinjan Cantonment and the neighbouring villages. The Water Resources Department is also being apprised in this regard to secure a steady and regular flow of the same.

These in-person check-ins are very helpful, and makes the procedural and transactional justice seen; this is only one of the many initiatives that have been taken up by the Chief minister to ensure that the State prospers. To keep updated on news like this, and more follow us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook!


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