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Parivartan: A Dream Becoming Reality

The past three years that have gone by has ushered in an era of development, and prosperity for the people of Assam - due to a proactive Government and a Chief Minister who has vested interest in the welfare of the people - who crafted a Cabinet made out of capable to handle their portfolios. A fundamental part of this change - Parivartan is in part due to the encouragement of, and acceptance of criticism. This has mandated proper performance and accountability.

A point to this rings true that while we celebrate current 'parivartan', it is no comparison to previous governments, because previous governments like the Congress-ruled governments - caused for the people of Assam to suffer severely because of corruption, inefficiency, discrepancies, and lack of transparency and now under the BJP rule anyone can file an FIR without fear, anyone can approach the government and anyone can contest elections without needing familial backing.

Like a renewal of democracy has occurred - a different kind of 'parivartan'.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has made sure that the citizenry is active, and as responsible as the State itself. He has helped create an environment that allows active criticism, constructive performance analysis.

Be it in the form of the media or just the public. He has time and again asked the people to not hesitate. And that is 'parivartan'.

This Government has become a fight against corruption, a movement for development, and roadmap for skill enhancement:

No amount of schemes or allocation of funds can bring about 'parivartan' (change) unless the entire system — from the Chief Minister's Office to the Panchayat office — is corruption free, Sonowal said.

Adding on, he mentioned that Assam is the only state which is updating NRC and the Indo-Bangla border fencing work is likely to be completed by December this year.

It is true that when Sonowal said that the government since the first day started working against corruption. A major development in this regard, apart from the active agency of the public citizen; is probably the APSC Scam.

An update to this is the Sarbananda Sonowal led Government's appointment of top notch Supreme Court advocate, Maninder Singh to fight the legal battle for them against the APSC’s 41 sacked ACS-APS officials, who have filed a PIL to get their jobs back.

Pointing out that his sustained drive against corruption has also boosted the revenue collection in various departments like excise, forest and GST, for when this war of sorts had been waged against corruption- it inadvertently led also to a climate for investment in the state.

Assam for instance received investment proposal worth `79,000 crore during the last two years only.

The three years has seen the Government at first aspiring and now successfully producing skilled people for the development of the state.

Speaking on the government’s initiative to produce quality human resource, special importance is being given to the education sector to prepare smart students, smart teachers and smart citizens.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal launched Skill Development Training Centres across the state.

Sonowal said, "Knowledge and skill are two key elements for an empowered life. Socio-economic progress cannot gather speed without them. Our youth must give a new dimension to the pace of state's development by acquiring knowledge and enhancing their skills."

The CM said that economic foundation of the state would be bolstered by skilled manpower. He said that the setting up of skill development training centres is an effort to carry forward the PM Modi's 'Skill India' vision.

He informed that the state government has already signed an MoU with the government of Singapore under which a Skill Development Centre having international standard would be set up at Mangaldoi. "Ten thousand youth of the state would undergo training in that centre," he mentioned.

Sonowal also said that Assam Government would also set up foreign language learning centres in the state in a bid to opening new job opportunities for the youth abroad.

In these three years, the plan to develop over 25,000 villages has been implemented full force. Be it for the minority upliftment, for women, or for the youth - when the Budget was presented it was all encompassing, all developing.

If that is not 'parivartan' it is difficult to ascertain what is?

The last three years have been incredibly important as tests of democratic trust, and a culture of work ethic. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think 'parivartan' has been a reality for you? Tag us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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