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People, religion no bar, join hands to save a mosque: A story of Assamese Unity and Love

The local people who consider the mosque a ‘symbol of unity’ would not let it be demolished and started a crowd funding initiative in order to safely relocate the turret; people irrespective of religion joined hands to save mosque it. Symbolising that love and respect, and mutual connection are safe in the northeastern state of Assam.

In order to preserve its ancient heritage, the local people of Puranigudam of Nagaon district engaged architects to lifting the two-storeyed historic mosque and shifting it to a different location in Puranigudam.

The shifting of the mosque without dismantling is made possible due to the hydraulic system technology of the Haryana based engineering firm RR and Sons.

When the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the public works department said that moving the mosque to a different location would be difficult, the local people, regardless of their religion and beliefs, got together to start a crowd funding initiative and caught the attention of RR and Sons.

The mosque which was built in 1909 was not destroyed even in the massive earthquake that hit the state in 1950.

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