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Plastic as Currency: New Age Education in Assam

There is a new school in town - Akshar, a school that can bridge the gap between conventional academics and vocational training. A couple and their realisation that education has to be socially, economically and environmentally relevant is creating waves of difference.

A curriculum that bridges creative and employment gaps, and a currency that is making living sustainable; Pratima and Manzin are a young couple in Assam that have started an alternative to schooling.

The funding comes from recycling plastic waste, and the school is built as a community effort with the students helping the teachers to create innovative infrastructure made out of plastic.

Starting with only 20 kids, now has over 100 kids between the ages of 4 to 15 years studying to change the future of the community. Each child brings in at least 25 items of plastic waste per week, as their contribution to their community and the environment.

So, unlike traditional schools, Akshar does not have age-specific standards or grades; instead, it’s based entirely on the knowledge level of students.

The levels are decided based on the knowledge of the students, tested at the time of admission. The student will then have to perform well to climb up the levels. This is to ensure that the quality of education is continually improving. This creative innovation is all we need to recreate how education is practiced in the country, and in the State! Share this inspiring story, tag us @ManuheManuhorbabe1 on Twitter and on Facebook.

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