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Railways get a New Life: The Shift to LHB Coaches

Transportation is the life of the civic society, and it is what drives economic growth and prosperity of the state.

In an effort to provide more comfort to passengers during train journeys, the Northeast Frontier (NF) Railway has decided to upgrade the Dibrugarh-Delhi Brahmaputra Mail from conventional coaches to Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches with effect from Saturday while departing from Dibrugarh.

NF railway also informed that the new composition of the trains will be one AC-2 tier coach, four AC-3 tier coaches, 11 sleeper-class coaches and three second-class coaches. One AC hot-buffet car and two brakes /luggage-cum-generator cars will also be attached to both the trains.

A total of 13 passenger trains have already been converted to LHB-type coaches by NF Railway in the past few years.

The Total List of the Trains are given as below:

  1. Kamakhya-Lokmanya Tilak Express

  2. Kamakhya-Gandhidham Express

  3. Bangalore- New Tinsukia Express

  4. Kamakhya-Anand Vihar Express

  5. Kamakhya-Gaya Express

  6. New Jalpaiguri- New Delhi Express

  7. Kamakhya- Anand Vihar Express

  8. Dibrugarh-Tambaram Express

  9. Dibrugarh- Chandigarh Express

  10. Dibrugarh- Amritsar Express

  11. Kamakhya- Puri Expres

  12. Kamakhya- Puri Express and,

  13. Kamakhya- Ranchi Express.

LHB coaches are facilitated with more benefits compared to the old conventional type coaches in terms of safety as well as passengers’ comfort.

The coaches are also maintenance friendly and aesthetic in appearance. Moreover, LHB coaches provide better riding experience to train passengers as it is made of stainless steel with aluminium interiors which is lighter than the old conventional ones.

The coaches considered to be "anti-telescopic" are also ensured to lesser casualty in case of a turnover or flip during a collision.

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